Mio C320 unlock and update

Small Review

Mio C320 is a mid-range device launched a few years ago. A big and bright screen, a stable processor and reliability have ensured the success of this satnav. Unfortunately updating maps and software stopped   in 2008, and the Mio C320 has been replaced with newer models from Mood and Spirit range.


Mio C320 update or unlock

Unfortunately, Mio C320 received its last map and software update in 2008, so the maps in this device are by now outdated and could cause as problems.

If the official update is not possible for Mio C320, then we could unlock this Mio device and install other navigation software or some utilities (like a media player).

This device can be easily unlocked and then run a new 2013 software and maps like iGO8 or Mireo –which is similar to MioMap 2008.

Mio C320 SD Card unlock.

1. You need a 2GB SD Card – this device have no support for bigger SD Card (SDHC standard).

2. Put your new software and maps (search Google for best navigation software ) to SD Card (Mio C320 runs perfect iGO8 and 2013 maps)

2a.Download Mio C320 unlock files from HERE

3. Connect Mio C320 to PC (Windows XP or Windows 7)

4. The device is recognized as Mio Device


5. Open MioMap\MioMap folder and rename MIOMAP.exe to MIOMAP_old.exe (also rename  miomap.exe.id  to miomap_old.exe.id )


6. Download Mio C320 unlock files from HERE

7. Copy the files inside the pack to MioDevice\MioMap\MioMap


8. Edit MIOMAP.scp with Notepad (or other text editor) indicating the path for the software you want to run.

 call “\Storage Card\xxxxxx\zzzzz”  -were xxxx \ zzzzz  is the PATH


9. Disconnect from computer, put the card in, and restart the device. Now you have your Mio C320 unlocked, and it will run the navigation software form your SD Card.


1. If you want to run iGO8 on Mio C320 – copy the program files and folders to SD Card (in this case folder is iGO8 and navigation file is iGO8.exe ).

2. Edit MIOMAP.scp like this:

 call “\Storage Card\iGO8\iGO8.exe”

3. Edit SYS.TXT (configuration file for iGO) and set it up as in image (perfect settings for Mio C320)



Now you have a Mio C320 with updated maps and software.


Mio C320 Specifications

Dimensions: 126 x 81 x 19.9 millimetres
Mass: 190 grams (battery included)


Embedded:Operating_System: Windows CE


CPU_Clock: 400 MHz


RAM-capacity: 64 MiB
ROM:capacity: 1 GiB


Display_Type:  TFT
Display:Diagonal: 4.3 “
Display;Resolution: 480 x 272
Expansion+Slots: MMC, SD 2gb card Non SD-HC
USB: USB 2.0 client, 12Mbit/s
Battery: built-in
Battery;Capacity: 1300 mAh


  1. Cifu says

    Failed link – it’s won’t work in my country, and cannot be buy even a Premium to download it for money.
    Without the files, the whole unlock / update worth nothing. Please fix it…

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